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“Find my device” and more battery features to be added to fast pair headphones



“Find my device” and more battery features to be added to fast pair headphones

Google has time and time revolutionized the landscape of headphones and the Fast Pair was most definitely one of the most pronounced ones that they wanted to embark on following the post-AirPod headphone landscape around.

While the majority of the features in these headphones are definitely a lot similar to Apple’s earphones, Google definitely has it one step ahead with one feature which is the third-party hardware. Much like how they worked on enhancing the accessibility of the Android, they are now currently working on getting the Fast Pair to as many manufacturers as they can.

“As True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headphones continue to gain momentum in the market and with users, it is important to build system-wide support for TWS. Later this year, TWS headsets with Fast Pair will be able to broadcast individual battery information for the case and buds,” Google mentioned this in a blog post. “This enables features such as case open and close battery notifications and per-component battery reporting throughout the UI.”

Some of the pronounced manufacturers that do have access to this same include Libratone, JBL, LG, Jaybird, Anker and last but not the least, their own home brand, Pixel Buds. This week, in an issued statement, this tech giant readily emphasized on the addition of a few more features that are coming to the pair of Fast Pair headphones.

The addition of the “Find my device” is believed to help the users locate their lost earphones or headphones. The associated application is believed to help the users trace the time and location that they were last used in and will also consistently send out chimes if they are in the Bluetooth range

Apart from that, they are also all set to add the individual battery life for buds and cases. Just opening of the case will help in extracting the information from a paired device. These new additional features are believed to come in around 15 or so headphones that are now being manufactured with similar features altogether.

The launch of these new features have no tentative date to them yet and are expected to be soon rolled out in some of the new models that are too be launched around.


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