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Most Anticipated Nuclear Experiment Is In Progress



Most Anticipated Nuclear Experiment Is In Progress

If you keep up with the news and technology, you’d know that the Neutron star was in the talks recently. The same was mainly after one of the gravitation wave observatory, LIGO, was able to detect a neutron star merger. While this is quite an interesting topic to talk about, the findings related to the same aren’t that easy to look after.

It is believed that just a teaspoon of the neutron star has the capability of weighing 10 million pounds because of the density. These are believed to provide with better insights into the origin of matter in this universe. We are all aware of these small details from the basic knowledge of the nuclear structure that we know of.

Dr. Samar Safi-Harb, who is a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy is the one who handles the observations associated with supernovae remnants.

A group of scientists including Professors Dr. Juliette Mammei, Dr. Michael Gericke and adjunct professor Dr. Russell Mammei is all working together on similar research in the Jefferson lab, which is the best when it comes to the electron scattering facility in the world. The main objective behind the study is:

“to measure the neutron skin lead following an earth-based experiment.”

If the scientists are able to establish the neutron skin lead with this experiment, the same is believed to come in handy in providing information related to the equation of state of the neutron matter. Both the nuclear EOS along with the chemical EOS of water are similar. This helps provide an insight into the density being a pivotal factor in the function of the temperature and pressure.

Dr. Mammei and their colleagues have also been accredited for their contribution to the designing of the magnetic shielding as well as the simulations responsible for the options of the PREX and CREX experiments.



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