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India Makes It To The Top 5 In The Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge Respondents



India Makes It To The Top 5 In The Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge Respondents

For those who aren’t aware, the Airbus quantum computing challenge has been designed to seek better answers associated with the five problems with the flight physics including aircraft climb optimization, computational fluid dynamics, aircraft loading optimization, wing box design optimization, and quantum neural networks for solving partial differential equations.

Thierry Botter, who is the French aircraft major’s head of central research and technology, suggested saying that India and the United States have emerged as the topmost respondents with respect to the subject mentioned.

Botter further said that the main objective behind this challenge was to assess the new quantum computation technologies that help provide with a better and much clearer picture related to the aerospace flight physics problems.

International Conference of Quantum Technologies (ICQT) 2019 has a gathering with some of the biggest tech giants including IBM, Airbus, Microsoft, Google, etc. All of them have gathered to find better discussions surrounding the subject of quantum technologies development. The main theme of this is to establish better implementation skills of the same into the industry.

Addressing the same, Botter said that out of the 500 who have enrolled online into the subject, India and the United States are the ones who expressed the most interest. Quantum technology has been imbibed in the production of several types of equipment including laser, magnetic resonance scanners, to name a few.

Ruslan Yunusov, who is the RQC Chief Executive, suggested that:

“the world is most definitely coming to a state of quantum superposition.”

While the technology has been very productively been used in the countries from Switzerland to China, the impacts of the same still need to be looked into with further attention.

India has also taken the research in this field up by a notch with proper and improved funding from the Department of Science and Technology as well as the Indian Space Research Organisation and other subsidiary fundings as well.

With such a heightened expression of interest, the prospects involved with the same can effectively change course with a heightened implication of the same in the varying industries as well.

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