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The first ever photo of quantum entanglement just unveiled by the scientists




The first ever photo of quantum entanglement just unveiled by the scientists

For the first time ever, scientists have captured the world’s first actual photo of quantum entanglement. This is a phenomenon so strange that Einstein described it as ‘spooky action at a distance.’

The picture of the event was captured by physicists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. The picture looks breathtakingly beautiful that we simply cannot stop staring at it.

The picture may not show you much but if you give it a thought, this is the first time that we are have captured and seen the particle interaction that underpins the strange science of quantum mechanics and forms the basis of quantum computing.

Quantum entanglement occurs when two particles become inextricably linked and whatever happens to one immediately affects the other, regardless of how far apart they are. This is why it is described as spooky action at a distance.

This particular picture shows entanglement between two photons-two particles of light. They are interacting and for a brief moment sharing physical states.

Paul Antoine Moreau, the first author on the paper where the photo was unveiled told the BBC the image was:

“an elegant demonstration of a fundamental property of nature.”

In order to capture this photo, Moreau and a team of physicists made a system that blasted out streams of entangled photons at what they call as non-conventional objects.

The experiment involved capturing four images of the photons under four different phase transitions.

To put it simply, the physicists spilled the entangled the photons up and ran one beam through a liquid crystal material known as Barium Borate which activated the four phases of transitions.

At the same time, they also captured the photos of the entangled pair going through the same phase transition, even though when it was not passed through the liquid crystal.

The camera was used to capture the images of these at the same time. It shows that they both shifted the same way despite being spilled. In other words, they are entangled.

Quantum entanglement was made famous by Einstein but it was explained by John Stewart Bell.

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