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Researchers point out coral reefs shifting away from the equator




Researchers point out coral reefs shifting away from the equator

In the last four decades, the number of young corals on Tropical Reef has reduced by 85% and doubled on subtropical reefs.

Based on recent findings, it can be seen that coral reefs are retreating from equatorial waters and creating new Reefs in more temperate regions.

This is mainly happening because of climate change. As the subtropical ocean and environments are becoming warmer, it is becoming a favorable spot for corals and therefore they are shifting away from the equatorial waters where they traditionally thrived.

This, as a result, is allowing Coral larvae to drift away and settle in new regions. These subtropical reefs can provide refuge to other species that are challenged by climate change. Thus, new opportunities to protect these fledgling ecosystems.

Nichole Price, senior researcher of the study posted in the journal of marine Ecology progress series said:

” climate change seems to be redistributing coral reefs, the same way it is shifting many other Marine species.”

Price also added, ” the clarity in this trend is stunning, but we don’t yet know whether the new reefs can support the incredible diversity of tropical systems.”

According to the researchers only certain types of corals arable to reach these new locations. It is based on how far are these corals can swim and drift on currents before they run out of their Limited fat stores.

Currently, the exact composition of most of these new Reefs is unknown. That’s because it is too expensive collecting genetic and species diversity data. But it is expected that the researchers are soon going to to find about the composition.

The researchers have highlighted the importance of truly long-term studies documenting the change in coral reef communities.

The Trends identified by the researchers in their analysis are extremely difficult to detect. However, it is of great importance in understanding how reefs can change in the coming decades.

The researchers also suggested that as the crisis of coral reef increases, the international community we’ll have to intensify efforts to combine and synthesize results.

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