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Indians are reluctant to use modern stoves, despite several health and environmental benefits




Indians are reluctant to use modern stoves, despite several health and environmental benefits

Even today, there are billions of people all around the world who are dependent on the use of solid fuels and traditional cookstoves. However, these traditional methods of cooking do no good. Instead, it adds to the increased carbon emissions and thus, leading to global crises. Not just that, but it is also not healthy. According to a recent study, it has been found that facilitating price discounts and addressing supply chain issues can actually improve the use of improved cookstoves.

Government records show that out of 240 million households around 100 million in India are deprived of LPG services. This, as a result, is increasing the use of firewood, dung cakes and coal as their main source of cooking.

The smoke emitting from burning such fuels leads to household pollution. Other than that it also affects the health of women and children to a great extent. In fact, it can cause serious respiratory diseases. In addition, women and children are burdened with the collection of firewood.

According to a new study by researchers from the US and India states that around 3 billion people in the world rely on the use of traditional stoves for cooking their daily meals. This clearly shows the triple burden of this pattern of resource use:

“it exacerbates the global climate crisis via increased carbon emissions and forest degradation or deforestation via daily fuelwood collection and exposes billions to toxic air pollution generated by dirty fuels.”

The widespread adoption of improved cookstoves is relatively low. These stoves are any day better as they use cleaner fuels. This is mainly true for people residing in rural areas. They can hardly pay for the use of these new cooking stoves.

SK Pattanayak from the US-based Sanford School of Public Policy if Duke University said that the main constraints for people shifting to improved cookstoves are ‘lack of information, insufficient income and inability to relate to environmental or climate issues.” This is why they prefer to stick to traditional stoves.


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